Chia network, where to from now

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Here I will try to explain our vision of Chia network, what it is today and what it can become tomorrow.

A very great amount of reserved space creates a need for an idea to provide a solutions that would result in profitable utilization of chia network.  

Eg. streaming platforms have a constant need to invest in new storage, a good idea would be for the network to provide them a backup service from a second copy and so on.

Chia creators must be aware of the level of speed that the network can provide for rent. Network probably does not have enough for streaming service, but it has to be enough for a second degree backup.

This would mean that streaming platforms can rely on chia backup, so they will be able to free up their storage intended for the first degree backup.

No one can guarantee that any Chia member will not fall from the chain from any reason, eg. power failure, or computer malfunction, loss of internet connection etc. therefore it is necessary to multilevel the storage.

Let us not forget that plots are almost perfectly created, formatted in the same way by a defined algorithm, and all that space is just sitting there, waiting for a seed to drop in their field.

I always wondered, why the need for such big plots, they could not have been smaller, 10, 15MB, why this enormous size. There had to be something else on the minds of the creators.

If you are creating a currency to utilize free space in computers, 100GB 200GB 400GB 800GB plots just do not make sense, they do not utilize the space, they eat it in a way that they create a new need for more and more space. There has to be more to it than just more space. 

But if you take into the equation that the creator of Chia Network is a man who created the Torrent protocol, then all this nonsense starts having some sense.

Space for the pilot project is abundant, but for the start it is important for Chia creators to at least to consider the idea

The green label for Chia is currently losing sense, all those exabytes are wasting megawatts, application is still not visible, so we think it is necessary to give substance to the etheric nature of this non-ether project called Chia Network

We believe that with the publication of the first such contract, the value of XCH coin will rise x10 or x15, and the interest in the project will be sparked once more..


The authors of this article are Chia Network supporters with 300TB of space. 🙂

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One comment on “Chia network, where to from now


The authors of this article may be supporters and farmers, but they oddly do not understand anything about Chia. The plots cannot be used for storage – by design. It isn’t just space it is Proof of Space and Time. I suggest the authors spend some time learning about the actual design of Chia and its intended purpose/uses – start at Chia .net or their GitHub wiki.

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