Where was Chia Coin Land for past 6 months

Hello everyone, almost 6 months have passed, so I decided to write this blog post just to show my readers I have not gone away, in fact I have been working hard this few months.

First of all, my family grew, me an my wife got our second child. 🙂

Next, I have been working on a few project that I hope to publish in the next year, yes, you heard me well, next year.

First, I am trying to develop a WordPress timestamp plugin that uses Chia Blockchain. The development it self is still in the planning stage. I am identifying development phases and problems that I need to solve in order for this kind of plugin to work.

Second, parallel to this, I have been creating my own NFT collection for Chia Blockchain. The collection will have 10k NFT’s, and I will make a separate website to promote it.

Will be back soon with more update!
Best regards.

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