How to find your 0.25xch after winning a block in the pool

For those that are in this case- firstly congratulations at winning your first block with the pool! Neither Space Pool nor any other pool built on top of the official Chia pooling protocol controls the 0.25xch portion of the block winning. The 0.25xch portion of the block win comes directly from the block-chain — the pool never sees this!

What happens if you can’t find the 0.25xch part of the winning in your wallet?

Try these steps to find your reward address:

  1. Make sure your wallet is synced fully (otherwise you may not see the transaction)
  2. Go to the “Farm” tab in the Chia GUI for your farmer and open the “…” button in the top right

2. Click on “Manage Farming Rewards”

3. Verify the target reward address matches what you would expect (as that is where the block win 0.25xch likely went)

4. If no Chia GUI is available, refer to the “config.yaml” file and search for “xch_target_address” field

this file is located in:
– Linux/MacOS under: ~/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml
– Windows under: C:\Users\<yourusername>\.chia\mainnet\config\config.yaml

5. To see the full list of blocks that you have found, refer to the Blocks tab in your account page

you can search the Block # in any chia blockchain explorer (e.g. or to see the Farmer wallet address that the reward went to.

If you still cannot find the payout address or transaction:

  1. For users that previously used Core-pool, Hpool, or, these pools may use a custom client that will change your payout reward address. If so, check your config.yaml to make sure the reward address there matches one that will go to your wallet. If they have changed this payout address you will need to contact them directly to discuss possibility of being refunded back the 0.25XCH block reward if you were no longer pooling with them when the block win occurred.
  2. Since many addresses can be generated for each wallet, to make sure the on you set will be paid out to your correct wallet try using a faucet with the reward address —

Space Pool

Chia Farming Pool

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