How much of a 101 GB K32 Chia plot does chia check when attempting to win a block?

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Checks are a two-step process… first it looks up a short prefix, think of it in layman terms like an area code for a phone. It first checks if any hashes in a plotfile has that area code at all. That’s known as the “filter check”. If it passes that filter, (as in, at least one or more hashes in that file are known to have that prefix or “are code”, then a deeper and more thorough check is done in the plot file to look for the entire hash anywhere within the file.

There is no issue of worrying if “all” of a file is checked or not.. it’s and all-or-nothing scenario. Either the winning hash exists somewhere in the file or not, and it will come back with a clear result either way

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Happy to help, just know that I significantly oversimplified it for the sake of easing you into what I assumed was a new topic. I definitely recommend you go read it through some of the documentation online to better familiarize yourself with it, because I definitely didn’t do the full details justice. 😉

I understand, I wil

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Thanks for your explanation. I know there is a lot more behind it, but i always wondered what the difficulty stands for. I would love to get a short explanation for that as well.

For each plot, after receiving each signage point (each 9 seconds)

  • 1/512 filter checked only in ram

  • (if filter passed) quality check – 6-7 small disk reads (like 1 sectors) are read

  • (if quality < current difficulty) full proof is read – ~30 small disk read, cogratulations you won a block

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But what does it mean when it says proof found, but no block win?

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If you are pooling it means you got points/found a proof. If you are solo it means you won. At least that is my understanding.

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