Chia farming with old equipment

Chia farming with old equipment

A friend of a friend of mine, has set up a chia farm with his old equipment. I asked him to give a little interview for ChiaCoinLand and he accepted, with the condition to remain anonymous.

Why have I chosen him? Well, looking at the community, especially youtube community, most of them are fancy rigs so I estimated that this will be a shock for the readers when they see with on what kind of equipment one can farm chia.


1. When did you start farming?

It was 21. May 2021.


2. How much TB is your farm and how much electricity does it consume?

Size is 146 TB, and consumption 570W.


3. Where do you farm, which pool?



4. Did you do replotting after the introduction of the pool protocol or farm with OG plots?

No, I use OG plots.


5. How many XCH do you farm per day?

Around 0,037 XCH.


6. How many blocks have you won so far?

I won 7 blocks.


7. Of the blocks won, how many did you win during independent farming and how many in the pool?

4 blocks won were not in the pool.


8. What is the structure of your disks (internal, external, size..)?

2 external 5TB disks, 1 SAS 8TBm and the rest are 3TB disk, 44 of them.


9. How much unfilled disk space is there? (since plots can not entirely fill the disk)?

Just 3TB.


10. Do you farm on one or more machines?

I farm on 5 machines, all in pool, httpool.


11. Describe in most detail the configurations of the computers on which your farms run.

Most computers are dual core Celerons with Win10 operating system, since no computing power is needed for farming. Only thing power and recourse consuming was the plotting, but once I completed plotting I sold the plotting equipment.


12. How much money did you invest in farming equipment?

Initially I invested 10k euro in equipment, but after I finished plotting I sold the extra equipment, so overall investment is 5k euro.


13. How much XCH have you “won” so far?



14. How do you see yourself in 5 years?

With around 70XCH worth 3-4k euro each.


Here are the photos:

Chia farming with old equipment Chia farming with old equipment Chia farming with old equipment Chia farming with old equipment


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